Behind PARS, there is compromise and well known leading professionals creating, advising top companies in Panama and developing a variety of projects for more than one billion.

We offer fully integrated solutions with a scope of work that encompasses everything to maxime investments potential. Our 25 years combine experience, dedication and attention to detail and passion continues to bring not just a positive change but the best return for our clients.


Project & Property Management

Projects and Administration of Panama (Proyecta), S.A., is a top Panamanian company dedicated to the development, administration and sale of commercial real estate projects in the Republic of Panama.


Projects and Administration of Panama (Proyecta), S.A. is a Panamanian company dedicated to the development, administration and sale of commercial real estate projects in the Republic of Panama.

Our mission is to provide our clients with a comprehensive solution to their Commercial real estate needs from the initial planning stage of the project to the delivery of the finished product.

If what you are looking for is a place where you can carry out your real estate development or purchase a good property, we will assist you as you deserve it.

We provide services ranging from advice on the purchase of real estate, to the development and commercialization of projects “key in hand”, getting involved in all phases of the project in order to guarantee its success.

We plan, pre-design, carry out the schematic design, we develop the Design, carry out the preliminary studies and we do the feasibility study.

We take care of the commercial stage of the projects, guaranteeing the best variety of clients, and clients of great importance. We develop the project completely, this includes documentation, inspection and construction, we take care of the commercial stage of the projects guaranteeing the best variety of clients, and clients of great importance, in addition to its complete administration.

We work with the most important clients and the most renowned architects in the country.


Creative Solutions Leader

With the help of one of the most versatile creatives, branding creators and strategist in the country, Camilo Mong Lee, created an agency specialized in brand development that over the years has provided successful results for the top three real estate brands in Panama.


Camilo is an expert in breaking down a need, turning business goals into powerful brand stories, and effective branding, design and digital solutions. He has been responsible for the image of some of the most iconic brands in this country and understands the luxury market perfectly.

That is why for more than fifteen years he was responsible for managing the creativity and corporate identity of the most important projects in Panama such as , Buenaventura, Santa María Golf and Country Club, Ocean Reef Islands among many others. Additional brands in the categories of luxury hospitality and spirits, personal care and food, such as The Santa María Hotel, LG, Bacardi, Hérmes, PepsiCo, Fedex, Texaco, Panama Tourism Authority, Cable & Wireless Móvil, etc.

Camilo has won awards and awards for creativity, among them he was a finalist at the New York Festival and Gold awards at local creativity and design festivals.

Due to the ample and proven experience of his capacity, attitude and above all of his professionalism and unique personality, Camilo and his team at Sie7e Design Group were the appropriate option. More than 15 years developing the image of the most important and luxurious projects in the country entails a sense of good taste, commitment and responsibility.

X Management Corp.

High End Properties Sales-Management

We are an Exclusive Property Sales – Management, Legal and Financial Counseling for High End Customers, leadered by Michelle Guerra Moreno.

Michelle studied at the Santa Maria La Antigua University, obtained her Marketing and Sales degree in 2001.

X Management Corp.

Throughout her professional career, she works in the field of marketing and sales in various multinational companies, including Panasonic Latin America, Cable & Wireless and FTI Consulting, providing her services to both select clientele in the Republic of Panama and leading companies in Latin America, having the opportunity to serve and learn customers’ needs until 2007. Later, during the real estate boom in Panama, she joins one of the most active companies in real estate development in Panama City, Vivir Frente al Mar, in charge of the after sales management of successful real estate projects in the luxury segment, in addition managing a portfolio of more than 1,200 real estate units, which gave her the necessary experience to become independent.

She obtained her Real Estate Broker License in 2007 and has been active in the business ever since. In 2011 she founded the company X Management Corp., a company dedicated to offering solutions in the Real Estate sector, specializing in property management, both for rent and for sale, always with the aim of maximizing profitability to its clients, which include both international and local clients.

Her professional ethics and passion for what she does have led her to develop a long-term relationship with the majority of her clients, thereby building loyalty on their investments in the country. Michelle is a member of the Panamanian Association of Real Estate Brokers and Promoters (ACOBIR), an organization that has developed a representative union participation in the real estate sector.

She believes that the differentiating factor is the personalized, transparent and dedicated service that she offers, understanding and always helping the clients to find their best operational and financial option. Passionate about human relationships, this has led her to meet new people every day, creating and opening great business opportunities.

Hurwitz James Company

Marketing Luxury Estates Worldwide

Bob Hurwitz has been a real estate broker and consultant for over 25 years. He is the Founder & CEO of Hurwitz James Company, established in 1986 and specializing in the marketing and sale of multimillion dollar estates and luxury residential developments worldwide.

Hurwitz James Company

Bob is regularly featured on Extra, NBC Open House, Mansions and Millionaires and HGTV’s Million Dollar Room, as a top Realtor in Los Angeles dealing with high-profile properties and clients and often called upon in print and television interviews for his expertise in worldwide luxury property buying trends.

He is a consummate negotiator who has lectured to real estate professionals and trained numerous agents on closing techniques, the psychology of buyers and sellers, and transactional problem solving.

Bob’s clients are diverse, ranging from entertainment personalities to foreign sellers and buyers from Asia, Canada, Latin America, India, Europe and the Middle East.

His worldwide listing inventory of trophy properties exceeds $3 Billion in 13 different countries. Because of the nature of his clientele, which includes celebrities, Fortune 500 executives and foreign sellers and buyers, Bob understands the importance of interacting with all the parties’ representatives.

He has multilingual translators on staff and his extensive experience consulting and negotiating with attorneys and business managers assures a smooth transaction.

Bob exerts extreme discretion in both the number and qualification of agents who work for Hurwitz James due to the nature and exclusivity of the type of properties and clients the company represents.

Ricardo Alberto Sosa

Financial Consulting Firm Advisor

With more than 35 years in business, founder and President of Asesoría en Finanzas e Inversiones, S.A., a financial consulting firm operating since 1993. The firm specializes in the Panamanian capital markets, raising debt and equity in public offerings in the Panamanian Stock Exchange, to date structuring and placing over $2.5 billion in securities offerings from top Panamanian companies. In addition, the firm also engages in debt re-structuring cash flow analysis and projections and valuation services. 


Mr. Sosa reinforced its capital markets platform with real estate investment banking and real estate development. In 2006 co-founded a real estate consulting and brokerage firm, and in the past 7 years has partnered in several private real estate developments (residential and land acquisitions).

Mr. Sosa graduated from Clarkson University in 1984 with a degree in Mechanical & Industrial Engineering and from the University of Florida in 1986 with an MBA with concentration in Finance and joined Lloyds Bank Panama the same year. As a banker he also worked in Towerbank until 1993 when he founded his own consulting firm.

Mr. Sosa holds a Securities Brokerage License since 1991 and a Real Estate Brokerage License since 1996.

He participated actively in the founding of the Panamanian Stock Exchange in the early 90s.