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Panama represents the best investment opportunities in the Region. Invest in US dollars in the Hub & Gateway of the Americas.


Relocation Experts

At PARS, we are an innovative real estate service boutique. With over 18 years of experience in the market, we provide consulting for the acquisition of exclusive properties, investment advice, and real estate developments in Panama.

The closest thing to the Miami Lifestyle in Central America.

We have curated and selected the best investment properties in Panama so that you can start earning returns on your savings immediately in US dollars.

We have options starting from $125,000.00 but you can reserve them for just $20,000.00 and they meet the following characteristics:

  • Best properties in the current market (developer with trajectory and credibility)
  • Top locations in the city center or strategic points
  • Differentiating factors and the best market conditions
  • Capital appreciation and excellent returns
Solución Llave en Mano

Please enter your contact information to receive a brief questionnaire. Your responses will allow us to understand your particular circumstances and will serve as the basis for providing you with personalized guidance.

Investment Opportunities

Advantages of the Panamanian process:

Inversión en Panamá

Apply for a Visa aimed at qualified investors without having to be present in Panama and which can be obtained in just 30 business days. Investment in Panama.

Inversión en Panamá

All investments and their returns are in US dollars. The required investment amounts vary depending on the destination (e.g. real estate, Panamanian securities or bank deposits).

Inversión en Panamá

Some residence visas include the possibility of obtaining a work permit. Investment in Panama.

Inversión en Panamá

After 5 consecutive years of residence, you can apply for Panamanian citizenship and a passport through the naturalization process.

Why now?


We are facing a complex and volatile global environment and growing social and political instability in Latin America.


It is an intelligent alternative to face the crisis and protect your family/heritage.


Because in Panama, the process is relatively simple, affordable, and expedient.


You are still on time. Nowadays, these options are available. Tomorrow they may not be.


To take advantage of investment opportunities that will arise in the Panamanian real estate market.

Plan P: The Attractions of Panama

Sistema Migratorio

Open, simple, and flexible migration system.

Multiple visa alternatives with moderate investment costs and requirements.


Attractive tax system: Territorial Taxation.


Multicultural environment (presence of a diverse foreign population).

Calidad de Vida

A country with quality of life, friendly people, endowed with extraordinary beauty.


Trade, logistics, and connectivity hub.


Trade, logistics, and connectivity hub.


Strategic geopolitical value: The Canal.


Low population density (4+ million inhabitants).


Comparatively benign security indices.

Economía Dolarizada

Dollarized economy.


Victoria Levitam Cohen

Always on your side

Victoria Levitam Cohen | CEO-founder


The combination of her passion for real estate, her priority in establishing genuine human connections, and her determination to find solutions to the requirements of each of her clients – have placed “Vicky” at the top of the Panamanian real estate industry. Her experience covers 18 years dedicated to consultancy, sales, and marketing of exclusive properties in Panama, including 11 years as the commercial director of Ocean Reef Islands, an artificial residential island in the middle of the city. In the course of her outstanding career, she has sold and managed developments and projects worth approximately USD $500 million.



Her success and recognition are attributed to her extensive market knowledge, inexhaustible work capacity, impeccable reputation, her mastery of legal and administrative matters related to the business, talent as a designer, appreciation for well-done things, and ability to anticipate the needs and desires of her clients.

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Sucre Arias & Reyes


Nationally and internationally recognized for providing corporate legal services, both to local and multinational companies. The firm offers a comprehensive practice to provide its clients with solutions in all areas of law.
Quijano & Asociados

Quijano & Asociados

Since its foundation in 1959, Quijano & Asociados has provided services to a select clientele in the main capitals of the world, in everything related to the registration of ships in Panama and the incorporation of companies in different jurisdictions.
Galindo Arias & López

Galindo, Arias & López

With more than 50 years of experience, it stands out as a legal services firm, dedicated to providing comprehensive solutions for local and foreign clients with business interests in Panama.